You don't know what you're missing, until you see what's possible.
"I've been taking portraits on Maui beaches for years, and have over 150,000 photos with my Canon R5 which is a very fine camera.  And I can honestly tell you that I was skeptical about upgrading to the FujiFilm Medium Format GFX100S.  Not just because of its hefty price tag, but because I didn't think it could get much better.  I was completely wrong.  Now I understand why world renown artists rely on this beautiful camera.
- Laurence Balter, Chief Photographer
Upgrade your session from our Standard Full Frame Canon to the new FujiFilm Medium Format. This $15,000 FujiFilm GFX100s system generates stunning 102 megapixel images in 16-bit color.
What is 16 bit? Put simply, standard photos are 8 bit JPEG.  Look at most photographers work and they will deliver to you 8 bit JPEG files.   
A 16-bit image can produce 281 Trillion colors.  Virtually covering every frequency of available visible light.  It's astounding as to the quality, and our clients are raving about it.
What does this all mean to you just seeking nice family photographs? 
We believe special moments deserve the very best special attention and care.  
Colors, tonality and super high resolution are so much closer to the human eye.  
Images transform themselves into works of art.
For a limited time we are offering our clients the opportunity to upgrade to the FujiFilm GFX100.
View the difference in our Medium Format FUJIFILM GFX100 portfolio.  
Keep in mind your phone will not be able to resolve the depth and detail.
Visit the FujiFilm GFX100 Instagram Stream to see work from around the globe.
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