Greatness always comes as a package.  Laurence's wife Regina, a former professional model is also an accomplished black and white "editorial style" photographer.  
Jude: @leicajude photographs her clients with one of the most coveted cameras in the world:
The Silver Edition Leica SL2 (1 of only 1,000 ever produced) and the Q2 monochrom, (the only pure digital black and white digital camera).
These precision instruments deliver exceptional high quality results.
Leica cameras and lenses are precision hand crafted in Germany. Leica has a rich history dating back to and used by some of the best artists in the world such as Henri Cartier Bousson, Annie Leibovitz whose iconic photographs are recognized around the world.
“Leica Glass” also knows as Leica Lenses are designed to produce images with outstanding clarity and excellent natural colors rendering.   
Jude will assist you in every detail, including poses, styling and direction.  
Her specialty is using available natural light.
For clients seeking an exceptional experience from start to end results, ask for “Leica Jude”.
Together they have two sons born and raised on Maui.    

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